My Latest Petite Painting, "Parpluie (umbrella)", 5"x7" original oil

7" X 5" oil on archival canvas wrapped panel, "Par Pluie, Petite Painting" by Warren Keating, is a small, framed figurative painting from my award-winning Overview series of paintings that was featured on CNN. It depicts two Parisians with an Umbrella and wearing Fedora hats, walking down St. Germain in Paris, France.

The style of this original painting reflects a type of mark making that I have invented, Pixelated Impressionism, where the expressive swashes of paint depict the pixels from and movement of the original digital video reference image. My work is considered part of the Paintography movement. This particular painting depicts motion with thick, impasto brush strokes that are impossible to depict here. When you purchase this painting, you will receive an original work of art. on .canvas-wrapped panel in a contemporary wooden easel-back frame with d-rings also.

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