Latest Figurative Oil Painting: Bellman And Guest With Umbrella

14" X 11" original oil painting on canvas, Bellhop And Guest With Umbrella In Paris is an above-view, figurative painting from my award-winning series, Overview. It depicts an overhead view of two people passing each other on St. Germain in front of the Hotel Lutetia, a hotel patron with bags and umbrella and a bellhop returning to the lobby after helping a patron. As captured from my balcony at the Hotel Lutetia, the two Parisians contrast each other; he is shabby chic and she is high fashion. The style of this painting reflects a type of mark making that I have invented, a kind of "Pixelated Impressionism" where the expressive swashes of paint depict the motion of the person walking, by expressive rendering of pixels from the original digital video reference image. My work is also considered part of the Paintography movement.

For more info, check out my online gallery.

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