“Paris Tourists In Red With Camera II”, latest figurative painting

24" X 24" original figurative oil painting on deep stretched canvas, "Paris Tourists In Red With Camera II" by artist Warren Keating, is a figurative painting from my award-winning, internationally-collected series of original oil paintings. It depicts two figures, a woman and child holding hands, walking briskly down St. Germain as viewed from hotel balcony above. The figure of the the child is holding a map or tour guide book; the mother has a camera around her neck. This contemporary figurative art is considered part of the Paintography movement. The foreshortened walking figures were captured on video walking on St. Germain and then painted freehand on archival, museum wrap canvas with a type of mark making that I have invented, Pixelated Impressionism, a signature style in which the expressive swashes of paint depict the moving pixels from the original digital video reference image.

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