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Woman in White on Bicycle at the Beach

262aerial_view_of_woman_on_bicycle_at_beach.jpgThis painting was inspired by artist Warren Keating’s view from the Santa Monica pier at the cyclists riding below him. It was created by using a digital video frame capture as reference to paint an expressive oil on canvas of the split-second moment. The resulting signature “Pixel Impressionism” brush strokes render the movement of the bicycling figure. more info / purchase>

Man Wearing Cap Looking at Art in Gallery

259_Man_Wearing_Cap_in_GalleryThis painting was inspired by GoPro footage that artist Warren Keating secretly recorded at a gallery where his paintings were exhibited. Keating found the perfect still image from the recorded video to use as reference to create this Impressionistic figure painting. His signature Pixel Impressionism style renders the movement of the strolling figure and the immediacy of the moment. The resulting piece is my contemporary take on figurative painting. The piece is protected from dust, smoke and UV damage by a satin finish varnish which preserves the richness of the oil painting without distracting glare. The painting is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished white edges. It comes ready to hang. more info>

Aerial View of a Traveler with Suitcase in Paris

256_aerial_view_of_the_traveler_in_paris_with_bagsThis painting was inspired by the view from my hotel balcony of a man pulling his rolling bag on the sidewalk below. Using my signature Pixel Impressionist brushstrokes to suggest movement, I created a contemporary version of the Impressionistic figure. more info >

Couple on the Beach in Santa Monica #2

250_Couple_at_Santa_Monica_Beach#2.jpgThis aerial portrait of a gay couple walking in the sunset on the Pacific Ocean by Santa Monica pier is rendered in my signature Pixel Impressionism style. The unique perspective is created by expressive brush strokes to create a textured surface that captures the immediacy of the moment…more / purchase info

Woman at Santa Monica Beach Boardwalk Carrying Sneakers and Helmet, 2015

238_woman_walking_with_shoes_and_helmet_at_beach.jpgThis large, expressive painting was inspired by my aerial viewpoint on the Santa Monica Pier looking down at the pedestrians on the bike path below. I used my signature Pixel Impressionist brushstrokes to capture the movement of the figure and the transitory nature of the moment. A beach palette and textured surface complete the work. This painting is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished white edges. It comes varnished and ready to hang. 48“h x 36“w x 1.5″d $4,275 more info>

Hollywood Family with Hello Kitty on Walk of Fame between Banderas and Britney

235_LA_family_in_HollywoodThis painting was inspired by my aerial view from the Hollywood/Highland Complex and the pedestrians below on the Walk of Fame. The juxtaposition of the Hello Kitty character, the Los Angeles family, and the walk of fame plaques of Antonio Banderas and Britney Spears, captured my imagination. I used my signature Pixel Impressionism brushstrokes to capture the motion and immediacy of this moment. The painting is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished white edges. It comes ready to hang. $1,575