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Aerial View of Man Opening a Beer Bottle

257_aerial_view_of_man_opening_beer_bottleThis painting was inspired by my view from an upper level of an outdoor mall in Los Angeles. I used my signature Pixel Impressionist brushstrokes to render the movement and immediacy of the figure. My intention was to create a contemporary vision of the Impressionistic figure that references our digital age. more info >

Aerial View of a Traveler with Suitcase in Paris

256_aerial_view_of_the_traveler_in_paris_with_bagsThis painting was inspired by the view from my hotel balcony of a man pulling his rolling bag on the sidewalk below. Using my signature Pixel Impressionist brushstrokes to suggest movement, I created a contemporary version of the Impressionistic figure. more info >

Mother and Child Walking at Santa Monica Beach, 2014 oil painting

24" x 18" oil painting, Pixel Impressionism aerial portraitThis painting was inspired by a view from the Santa Monica Pier looking at pedestrians on the path below. Expressively painted on a gallery wrapped canvas, this aerial portrait was created with my signature Pixel Impressionist style rending the motion of the figures with action-filled brushstrokes. The palette reminds one of the beach. more info >

new Pixel Impressionist painting: Cyclic Wearing Helmet Riding in Santa Monica, 2014

Cyclist Wearing Helmet Riding in Santa Monica, large figure paintingThis large painting of a cyclist was inspired by an aerial view from the Santa Monica pier looking down at the pedestrians and bicyclists below. I rendered the movement of the figure in my expressive, but precise Pixel Impressionist style. This work is the culmination of over 25 years of painting. more details >

Red Umbrella In Paris


In this 14″ x 11″ oil on panel, I was trying to capture the motion of the Parisian briskly walking down St. Germain in the rain. My take on contemporary Impressionistic figurative art employs the perspective of the camera with the color and light that can only be captured with paint on canvas. more info>

36″ x 48″ original figurative painting depicting a young couple walking in Paris, as viewed from overhead, is rendered my signature Pixel Expressionism brush strokes.
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