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Aerial View of White Umbrella in the Rain

258_White_Umbrella_Moving_in_Paris_RainThis figurative painting was inspired by the view from my hotel balcony in Paris. Using my signature Pixel Impressionism brushstrokes, I rendered the motion of the moving figure and the texture of the moment, resulting in a piece that is realistic from a few feet away, and…more info >

Shadow Of A Man In Paris, 2014

large original figurative painting Shadow Of A Man In ParisThe goal of my aerial portraits is to highlight seemingly insignificant moments and capture the imagination of the viewer. In this piece, a lone pedestrian casts a shadow as he travels through the streets of Paris. I created the motion of this figure using my signature Pixel Impressionist style. more >

Woman In Black Coat Carrying Red Book


158_woman_in_black_coat_with_red_book_detail03I thought I would mix it up, so this figurative oil painting is created on a small cradled wood panel. It depicts the motion of a Parisian woman carrying a book as she walks briskly down St. Germain. My signature Pixel Impressionist brushstrokes create the movement in this urban portrait. more info >

Man With Cap And Bag Walking In Paris, 2013

Impressionistic figurative paintingIn this unique figure painting, one can almost hear the whisk of the passing Parisian as he hurries down the sidewalk. My contemporary version of figurative art expresses motion by using Impressionistic brush strokes to depict the shapes and blurs of video pixels. more info>

Shadow Of A Man With Hat And Trenchcoat new Impressionist figurative painting


I painted this Impressionistic aerial view of a figure on a street corner in Paris in my signature Pixel Impressionist style. Part of my award-winning Overview series, this figurative painting captures the expressive brush strokes for which I strive. more info >

Orange Umbrella In Paris #6

original Impressionistic figurative painting Orange Umbrella In ParisThis oil painting on canvas-wrapped panel depicts one of my most popular motifs, the Paris umbrella, in my signature Pixel Impressionism style. Using expressive brushstrokes to render the motion of this passing figure, I created this unique piece with archival materials to last for generations. more>