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Boy Riding Bicycle at the Beach

266_Boy_Riding_Bicycle_at_the_beachThis work was inspired by an aerial view of the bicyclists coasting below me as I stood on the Santa Monica Pier. With my signature Pixel Impressionist brushwork, I rendered the motion of this bike rider to create a contemporary figurative painting. Prepared with archival materials, this piece will last for generations. more >

Orange Umbrella in Paris

260_Orange_Umbrella_in_Paris_11This painting was inspired by the view from my hotel balcony of the pedestrians walking below. I used my signature Pixel Impressionism brush strokes to render the motion of the figure and texture of the rainy day. more >

Couple in Blue Walking in Paris, 2013

Combining the perspective of surveillance with the motion of expressive brushstrokes, I created this urban portrait to inspire you to become a passionate observer, a celebrator of the moment. This museum wrapped, deep-stretched painting was created with archival materials to last generations. It comes ready to hang on your wall as is, or can be framed to suit your taste. more info>