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Woman in White on Bicycle at the Beach

262aerial_view_of_woman_on_bicycle_at_beach.jpgThis painting was inspired by artist Warren Keating’s view from the Santa Monica pier at the cyclists riding below him. It was created by using a digital video frame capture as reference to paint an expressive oil on canvas of the split-second moment. The resulting signature “Pixel Impressionism” brush strokes render the movement of the bicycling figure. more info / purchase>

Aerial View of White Umbrella in the Rain

258_White_Umbrella_Moving_in_Paris_RainThis figurative painting was inspired by the view from my hotel balcony in Paris. Using my signature Pixel Impressionism brushstrokes, I rendered the motion of the moving figure and the texture of the moment, resulting in a piece that is realistic from a few feet away, and…more info >

Aerial View of Strawberry Blonde Riding Bicycle

254_Strawberry_blonde_woman_on_bicycle.jpg This painting was inspired by my view from the Santa Monica Pier and the pedestrians and bicyclists below. Using my signature Pixel Impressionism brushstrokes, I rendered the movement of the cyclist to create a contemporary impressionistic figure painting. This piece is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished edges. It comes varnished and ready to hang. more info / purchase >