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Aerial View of Runner at Los Angeles Beach

245_Runner_at_the_beachInspired by the aerial viewpoint, I depicted the motion of the jogger beneath the Santa Monica Pier using my signature Pixel Impressionism brushstrokes. I hoped to preserve a Southern California moment with a textured surface and active brushwork.
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Aerial View of Cyclists on Santa Monica Pier

229_bicyclists_in_santa_monica_california copyThis painting was inspired by my view from the Santa Monica Pier of the bicyclists below. I  am a painter who has based my popular overhead series on images from a digital video camera. The result brings together the perspective of the camera with the nuance control of light and color that can only happen with brush on canvas. My signature “Pixel Impressionism” brush strokes create the motion and details of the moving figures and communicate my passion for the subject. This figurative oil painting is create on a deep stretch canvas with finished edges; it is varnished to protect it from from dust, smoke and UV rays. It is wired on the back and ready to hang. more info | purchase >

Couple in Blue Walking in Paris, 2013

Combining the perspective of surveillance with the motion of expressive brushstrokes, I created this urban portrait to inspire you to become a passionate observer, a celebrator of the moment. This museum wrapped, deep-stretched painting was created with archival materials to last generations. It comes ready to hang on your wall as is, or can be framed to suit your taste. more info>

Blonde in Green Jacket in Paris, 2013

161_Parisian_Blond_In_Green_JacketIn this unique figure painting, one can almost hear the whisk of the passing Parisian as she hurries down the sidewalk. My contemporary  figurative art expresses motion by using Impressionistic brush strokes to depict the shapes and blurs of video pixels. I combine the perspective of photography with the quality of light and color that can only be expressed with oil on canvas. more >

Aerial View Of Girls Walking On Santa Cruz Boardwalk

155_girls_walking_on_Santa_Cruz_boardwalkThis 22″ X 28″ original figure painting on archival canvas-wrapped panel is an expressive oil painting by award winning figurative artist Warren Keating depicts three girlfriends walking on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk as viewed from the overhead tram. The foreshortened figures in motion figure were painted in my signature style style in which the Impressionist brush strokes depict the movement in this urban portrait. more >

Woman In Black Coat Carrying Red Book


158_woman_in_black_coat_with_red_book_detail03I thought I would mix it up, so this figurative oil painting is created on a small cradled wood panel. It depicts the motion of a Parisian woman carrying a book as she walks briskly down St. Germain. My signature Pixel Impressionist brushstrokes create the movement in this urban portrait. more info >