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Aerial View of White Umbrella in the Rain

258_White_Umbrella_Moving_in_Paris_RainThis figurative painting was inspired by the view from my hotel balcony in Paris. Using my signature Pixel Impressionism brushstrokes, I rendered the motion of the moving figure and the texture of the moment, resulting in a piece that is realistic from a few feet away, and…more info >

Aerial View of Runner at Los Angeles Beach

245_Runner_at_the_beachInspired by the aerial viewpoint, I depicted the motion of the jogger beneath the Santa Monica Pier using my signature Pixel Impressionism brushstrokes. I hoped to preserve a Southern California moment with a textured surface and active brushwork.
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Young Man In Paris Carrying Sack, 2012


This large overhead portrait depicts a young Parisian man walking on St. Germain swinging what appears to be a white plastic bag. This painting is a particularly expressive example of my Pixel Impressionism series and has a very painterly surface. more info >