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new painting: Beret and Backpack

275_Man_Wearning_Beret_and_Blue_Backpack_in_Paris_Rain.jpgThe backpack and beret of this Paris pedestrian initially caught my eye, but it was the silvery blue of the wet sidewalk, warmth of the shadow and motion of the subject that kept me looking. The aerial viewpoint creates abstract shapes from the foreshortened figure and flattens the “scene”. This painting is not only reminiscent of Paris, travel and youth, but also helps us to rediscover the wonder of the insignificant and cultivate our ability to enjoy the moment. size, media, etc. ->

Aerial View of Man Opening a Beer Bottle

257_aerial_view_of_man_opening_beer_bottleThis painting was inspired by my view from an upper level of an outdoor mall in Los Angeles. I used my signature Pixel Impressionist brushstrokes to render the movement and immediacy of the figure. My intention was to create a contemporary vision of the Impressionistic figure that references our digital age. more info >

Aerial View of Strawberry Blonde Riding Bicycle

254_Strawberry_blonde_woman_on_bicycle.jpg This painting was inspired by my view from the Santa Monica Pier and the pedestrians and bicyclists below. Using my signature Pixel Impressionism brushstrokes, I rendered the movement of the cyclist to create a contemporary impressionistic figure painting. This piece is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished edges. It comes varnished and ready to hang. more info / purchase >

Aerial View of Woman Riding Bicycle at the Beach

249_aerial_view_of_woman_on_bicycleThis painting was inspired by my view from the Santa Monica pier of the bicyclists riding below. I rendered the motion of the cyclist with my signature Pixel Impressionism brush strokes to create an active, textured surface that expresses the immediacy of the moment. This one-of-a-kind figurative oil painting with its unique perspective and pixel-like brush strokes is both Abstract and Impressionistic. more info / purchase

Friends Walking at the Beach under the Santa Monica Pier, 2014

Impressionistic oil painting of two figures entitled Friends Walking Under Santa Monica PierThis aerial view of two friends walking on a beach path was inspired by my view perched on the Santa Monica Pier. To capture the motion of the subjects and immediacy of the moment, I painted the figures using my signature Pixel Impressionist style. This is my unique approach to contemporary figurative painting. more info / purchase >

Aerial Painting of Men That Don’t Want to Be Painted, 2013

Impressionistic aerial view figure painting

While capturing video from the Santa Monica Pier of pedestrians and cyclists on the bike path below, one of my unwitting subjects started yelling up at me. Perhaps he thought I was the NSA installing a permanent surveillance camera on the pier. In any event, I was inspired by that intense moment, and this painting had to be done. I rendered the contrasting emotions of the foreshortened figures in my signature Pixel Impressionist brushstrokes. more info / purchase >